Our Mines

Investment into upstream resource opportunities is a core element of our business. Pelagic Resources is actively engaged in evaluating multiple investment opportunities with a view to deploying capital to develop long-term sustainable sources of supply.

Investment, Acquisition & Development

Our investment into Bauba Resources has enabled the development of the Moeijelijk Mine along with the acquisition and development of the Kookfontein Mine which secures Pelagic Resources marketing rights to 100% of production from these mines into the long-term, underpinning a robust physical trade book in high-demand commodities.

Moeijelijk Mine

The Moeijelijk mine has been in operation since 2017 and has the capacity to mine and process up to 40,000 mt per month and 5 Million tonnes of mineral resources with various life-extension opportunities.

Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, Limpopo Province, South Africa

A high-grade underground primary chrome ore producer, mining LG6 and LG6A seams.

Produces foundry grade, chemical grade and metallurgical grade chrome ore and PGM concentrates.

Kookfontein Mine

The Kookfontein Mine was commissioned in 2021 and has the capacity to mine up to 80,000 mt per month and 8 Million tonnes of surface mineable ore with various life-extension opportunities.

Western Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, Limpopo Province, South Africa

A low cost, open cast primary chrome ore producer, mining UG, MG and LG seams with significant PGM credits.

Produces UG2 ore and the construction of downstream processing facilities is planned to produce high grade chrome concentrate from the MG and LG seams from 2022.

We engage with and support the communities in which we operate to build a sustainable future.

Pelagic invests in sustainable CSR programmes in order ensure that we contribute to addressing some of the socio-economic ills faced by vulnerable groups in the areas in which we operate, including the environmental impact caused by our industry.